Saudi Arabia / منطقة الرياض / Riyadh

Field: Transportation and heavy equipment
Field: Sale of American cars imported
Field: Wooden doors and industry projects - furniture hotel furniture - office furniture - Home Furniture - Decorations woodworking school for theaters , universities and training rooms - Furniture and preparatory schools and universities - Computer labs Wooden doors and accredited by the Ministry of Housing And qualified by the Ministry of Education in the office furniture and wood work and instruction from the Ministry of Education and specialize in furniture hotel business Furniture and wood projects
Field: Education Services - Language Institutes
Field: International shipping logistics Logistics Shipping services
Field: Cars Trading - Exhibitions
Field: Wholesale and retail trade in the sewing supplies
Field: Various entertainment services
Field: General Contracting
Field: Retail candy and chocolate | wholesale and retail to industrial plants Accessories
Field: Engage in agricultural activity | wholesale and retail sale of fruits and vegetables
Field: Import and export | commercial undertakings | Marketing Services
Field: Wholesale and retail trade in auto parts | wholesale and retail trade in ornamental Tools