Saudi Arabia / منطقة مكة المكرمة / Jeddah

Field: Contractors Aamomcion Transport & Supplies and Rental trucks and heavy equipment.
Field: Rental cars and for heavy equipment
Field: Foundation Alfares future for General Contracting, construction and maintenance and operating institution classified in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs degree fourth and out of (by the Ministry of Education - General Security - Ministry of Defense and Aviation Air Force - Ermko Arabia - SABIC - Islamic Affairs). The engineers managed competent Medenine, architects and electrical and mechanical and technical labor trained and we have the implementation of government projects, especially in all parts of the Kingdom. Some previous realization of the institution
Field: Wholesale foodstuffs | Trade inter tools and cosmetics | perfume trade clause | Trade traditional jewelry and accessories | Trade phrase Shoes | Trade phrase Clothes | wholesale in furnishings | Trade phrase Decorative Materials
Field: Offices comment transactions and public services
Field: Wholesale and retail trade in furniture | wholesale and retail decoration materials | Marketing Services
Field: Wholesale and retail trade and supplies the kids play | Wholesale and retail trade in electrical appliances | Repair Services & Maintenance Electrical and elk
Field: The establishment of temporary and permanent exhibitions
Field: Wholesale and retail trade for computers
Field: Trade among Sanitaryware | Trade phrase equipment and industrial machinery and equipment | construction materials wholesale trade
Field: Wholesale and retail trade in electrical appliances
Field: Wholesale and retail trade school and have to ڈdoat stationery
Field: Road transport of merchandise | fuel retailer Petrol | retail food and beverage | Roads Contracting | Contracting Buildings General Generation - demolition .
Field: Maintenance and operation of buildings | Buildings General Contracting Generation - demolition .