المالك حسين فارس ال منجم
قدم طلب عمل هنا
المدينة جدة
العنوان Jeddah Street Hail the intersection of King - Sharbatly Center - Building No. 3 Round 2 Office No. 10
الهاتف 026504048
الفاكس 026504048 تحويلة 107 تحويله 108
ص.ب. 20400
الرمز البريدي 21455


Foundation workbook from government bodies and pieces such as Armko Arabia and taller several projects of government and private projects such as water - create schools - and commercial centers - and Mnchaouat Tervhah - and parks - and villas, resorts and taller with numerous acts of restoration and maintenance Hotels - Villas - sports and public parks - and centersbusiness in many parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is based on a team of engineers and technicians


Foundation Alfares future for General Contracting, construction and maintenance and operating institution classified in the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs degree fourth and out of (by the Ministry of Education - General Security - Ministry of Defense and Aviation Air Force - Ermko Arabia - SABIC - Islamic Affairs).
The engineers managed competent Medenine, architects and electrical and mechanical and technical labor trained and we have the implementation of government projects, especially in all parts of the Kingdom.
Some previous realization of the institution